Travel and make the world your office:

Here's how to get started

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia


Many people will settle for a life that's less than what they're capable of living...

Never reaching toward big dreams...

Saying they want to travel the world....

Live life on their own terms...

Do things that make them feel ALIVE.

Typically these stem from limiting beliefs that are a result of seeking traditional societal expectations as the only answer, self-doubt, or lacking the realization that it is possible.

The purpose of Go Seek Explore is to give others that initial "push" they need to take the travel leap and experience the many benefits that come with going abroad; to help others create a "work + travel lifestyle."

Since my most frequently asked question is on how to get paid to travel, I've created loads of helpful content based on my experience living a work + travel lifestyle for the past several years.

However, I know there's a lot of content on the blog, Instagram, YouTube channel, etc., which I why I created this Start Here page to help you navigate the process when you're getting started.

Here's what I recommend you do:

Step 1: Sign up to get my free 10-page guide on getting paid to travel.

It goes over the basics, how to get started, and an overview of the three main types of travel jobs with plenty of examples. There is a free email series you'll get after the guide for a week that goes over more super helpful information as well.

Thousands of people have gone through this guide and I get emails from people all the time saying they've landed travel jobs or started their online business because of this...So make sure to grab your free guide now!



Step 2: Decide whether you want to: 

  1. Work + travel for a company based in a different country/location (example: working full-time for a company in a different country and traveling on your time off)

  2. Do a work-while-you-travel job that has you traveling for work (example: this is what I did when I worked as a tour guide in Europe!

  3. Work online - as a location-independent digital nomad, you can live wherever and travel whenever (example: running an online business where all you need is a wifi connection)


Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Step 3: Take action.

Go through the free guide and get organized. 

Travel, especially creating a work + travel lifestyle, is not easy.

However, when you're getting paid to travel the world, living life on your own terms, traveling internationally at least once per's worth the work it takes.

Make sure to check out blog posts in these categories: - start here for creating your work + travel lifestyle

Step 4: Only for those serious on creating a sustainable work + travel lifestyle

  • Get my book, The Adventure Club, which features advice and secrets on how 20 travelers from all over the world made a sustainable work + travel lifestyle a reality. 200+ pages. Available in paperback and digital (Kindle)!


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As always, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for reading, watching, sharing, and letting me know when you see results. It truly makes the work put into this site worth it...sending so much love, positive vibes, and wanderlust your way. <3