Email from 09/28/16


So I know it has been a little over a week since my last email, where I asked you to reply with a "HECK YEAH" if you were ready to travel more and free up your life.

Once I hit 'Send,' I realized the quote resemblance to Napoleon Dynamite and did a major #FacePalm. If you don't know what that means, this is basically the same line from the movie.

When so many people replied with a "HECK YEAH" I was hoping they didn't match up the movie reference, haha. Oh well.

I'm still working on the project I want to share with you, and I KNOW I've been hinting for a few weeks now so please hang on a little longer. :)

Here's another hint: what I'll share with you soon (!) has given me the confidence to take a leap of faith and quit my 8-5 job, make money online through freelancing/blogging/social media, and move to my dream city in California.

Things are finally moving along.

Last Friday, I drove out to California to visit some friends and look at apartments.

What I felt driving into town was pure happiness. I stepped out of my car into the California sun and could smell the salty ocean air. People were walking by with dogs sniffing the flowers and others passed me quickly on skateboards.

"You excited to move here?" the property manager asked me.

"ummmm YEAH!" I replied.

"Do you even realize how close we are to the ocean?!" he said.

It's finally happening.

The day prior was my last day at my full-time corporate job.

I'm leaving behind 8 am check-ins, a dress code that prohibits jeans, and an unfortunately negative work environment.

I also left an awesome group of people (my co-workers!) and stable paychecks.

Working an 8-5 isn't all that bad. Who knows, I might get stirrings to get another gig like that and do short-term travel jobs like I've done in the past.

But for now? Now when I work on my freelance stuff early in the morning, I don't have to cut off my motivation wave at 7:40 just so I can get to the office on time.

Now I have an extra 48 hours a week to focus on creating the best possible work for my client and on my blog/online platforms.

Now I feel like myself again. I had a full night of sleep for the first time since who even knows, my mood has lifted, I don't feel guilty if I take a moment to watch a TV show, and I'm planning a trip to see some family.

I haven't seen some of my extended family in...10 years? Twelve? I've been doing short-term trips throughout the US and around the world (Europe and China) during my full-time job, though having the freedom to visit family feels so good - I don't need a supervisor's approval to see my family!

All I need to do is book the flights and go.

When it came time to put in my two weeks' notice, it was terrifying. It was so difficult to leave something that had once been my dream, something I had worked extremely hard for.

But it was time to stop feeling stuck, to stop doing my passion only on the side, and to feel like myself again.

Guys, doing something on the side - whether you're at work, or in school, or have other commitments - is so important.

When you love your "side hustle," it helps you keep your sanity.

And when you love what you do? You put in hard work.

The work becomes enjoyable. Eventually, you can take it even further and use your platform as a portfolio and maybe even a method of monetization.


You want to travel, free up your life, and do work you love?

Me too.


Let's do it! More on this coming soon, promise.

In the meantime, #GetStarted :)