Email (09/15/16): "Getting Started"


First off, thank you for your responses to my previous email! It's always cool to see what kind of travel you prefer and what you're up to now whether that's traveling or working abroad...or working towards working abroad.

I've been creating a fun little video project from my time working and traveling throughout Europe this summer. I'm not a pro YouTuber or anything but if you've wondered what traveling while working can be like, check 'em out!

Also, remember all my travel expenses, hotels, food, etc. were covered in exchange for working. So all the places we went and things we did (besides the Slovakia day trip) were covered by the company I was working for.

If you're interested in working abroad for someone else, this might be able to give you a little insight on what it's like!

Check out the first vlog here (day 5 at the winery is my favorite, though!)>>>>


One of my recent Instagram posts was about the importance of documenting your travels.

Now, I'm not saying you need to forego being "in the moment" every second, double fisting your camera and phone, trying to Snapchat and take a video at the same time!

The truth is, memories fade.


Eventually you'll forget that time it was so hot in the Italian heat and your gelato was melting down your hand, or that thing your friend said that made you laugh hysterically, or your favorite song playing out by the lake that just felt like summer and happiness.

When you see a photo or video, an old ticket stub, or read a note you jotted down on your phone, it jogs your memory and takes you back to that one time where you can reflect on how crazy/awesome/boring/exciting/whatever that day was when you were traveling.

That's why I was happy I took so much damn video when I was in Europe, haha!

I wasn't sure if I'd create something out of it, but I've been able to start making an entire video series.

Even if I didn't end up doing something with it, simply going through and watching the videos brought back many memories to reflect on - moments I had already forgotten about!

Some ways to document your travels:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Saving your Snapchat or Instagram stories
  • Journaling
  • Quick notes in your phone's Notes app (I jot down highlights every few days)


Now, here's where documenting REALLY comes into play...your online presence.

If you want to eventually start or turn an already existing blog, YouTube channel, Instagram page, etc. into a platform for monetization - ESPECIALLY in the hopes of having the freedom to travel and work for yourself - you absolutely NEED to be documenting.

If travel is what you want to document? Sure! But you can do this for other niches too: makeup/beauty. Cooking. Gardening. Construction. Painting. Life coaching. Biking. Whatever!

Document your experience and the process through photos or video. Write down a few notes you can pull from later.

The point is, the more content you have, the more you can utilize for creation!

Please don't put off starting this for "next month."

If you start now and your material isn't up to par with where you want it to be, then by "next month" you'll already have learned a lot, and have improved! (You don't have to actually share it right away, either!)

The only way to get started is to do.

The only way to get better is through practice.


"K, but how do I actually get started?"

"What if I don't know what I'm passionate about?" or "I can't decide what to focus on"

More on this in the coming weeks...keep an eye out! :)



PS: Reply to this email with a "HECK YEAH" if you're game for learning more about traveling and freeing up your life!