What To Bring To Wet Electric 2015

wet electric flyer The more I heard about Wet Electric, the more I knew I had to attend this weekend EDM festival that calls itself "the largest pool party in North America." With Tiesto and Dillon Francis headlining, it is sure to be one awesome weekend in Tempe, AZ. A friend also happened to win tickets and invited me to use her extra one - while I'm never lucky enough to win random contests like this, I guess I'm lucky enough to have friends that do!

I've never been to anything like this - an  all-day concert at a water park - but I've come up with what I'll be bringing with me.


You can't enjoy a concert in a pool without a swimsuit.


Because when I walk from my car to the water park I'd feel completely ridiculous in just a swimsuit. I'm hoping a white beach kimono I ordered online will arrive in time, otherwise, I'll throw on a dress or a tank and a pair of shorts (non-denim, 'cause denim's not allowed).

Flip flops

A summery pair of wedges might look nice for an ensemble at a hotel pool, but I feel like they'd be a recipe for disaster with thousands of people and slippery flooring, so I'm definitely just going to be wearing flip flops. Who wants to wear heels for 10 hours anyways, or even waste the pair by throwing them in your locker?


Not quite sure if I'll wear a ton of accessories since I don't want them to get wet, though I might spruce up my outfit with a festival-like headband or something. Hey, when in Rome...

Beach Towel

The Wet Electric website highly recommends bringing a towel - I just need to make sure I don't forget mine. (Side note: three times in a row one summer I would meet my friend at the lake and always forget my towel).


Because it's Arizona and the weather is always sunny. Except for that light rain shower we had this morning...what?! It hasn't rained in months. Here's to hoping it won't rain tomorrow! Though even if it does, I guess we'll be in the water anyway....

Small bag

I'll store my stuff in one of the lockers but it'll be nice to have to bring with me.


For parking, snacks, drinks, and a locker. ATM fees are always bound to overcharge at events like this, and no one likes seeing the extra $6 fee when that could've been put toward a vodka cranberry.


Maybe I won't even be on my phone, but I know we all have that feeling of anxiety when we don't have it. #2015. Plus, professional cameras aren't allowed, and while I wouldn't consider my DSLR "professional" (it's a "beginner" DSLR), I want to be able to take photos. And, who am I kidding, I'll be adding a few snaps to my snap story.


Can't forget those! I know it's more of an obvious item on this list, but I feel like I'd forget if I didn't put 'em on here.

Anything I missed? Who else is ready for the weekend?!