#TravelGoals Series: Challenge Recap!

This has been such an exciting week! On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I hosted a #TravelGoals series on Periscope, where I talked all things work + travel with the intention of taking one step toward our #TravelGoals.

#TravelGoals Series: 3 Videos on Making Your Travel Goals a Reality

#TravelGoals Series: 3 Videos on Making Your Travel Goals a Reality

#TravelGoals Series: Challenge Recap

Some of you guys joined in on the convo on Twitter:

This is what I'm doing this week to take a step closer to my #TravelGoals:

And to those of you doing my free email guide and series on living a work + travel lifestyle - you rock! It's so exciting hearing your feedback and reading your replies on the topic. If you haven't gotten in on the fun yet, you can sign up for instant access here.

I thought I'd add post the replays for this week's Periscope series for anyone who missed them live. We covered:

  • What a work + travel lifestyle is, and how to get some of the most popular travel jobs

  • Mythbusters, travel style! Busting 3 common myths about traveling

  • 3 seemingly "easy" steps to go from zero to ADVENTURE

Follow me on Periscope @allyarcher and let me know what YOU want to talk about in future scopes!

Part 1: The BEST way to travel and make money + how you can do it too

Part 2: MYTHBUSTERS, Travel Style - Busting The Top 3 Myths

Part 3: Three Seemingly "Easy" Steps to Actually Travel