Travel Inspiration in Photos: Belize

Travel Inspiration in Photos: Belize

Belize has been on my mind for a while now, ever since I saw a LivingSocial deal for a trip to the Central American country located just south of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

The images on the deal page were flooded with tropical birds perched atop trees adorned with emerald green leaves. Landscapes displayed beaches with sparkling, turquoise water.

Needless to say, I'm a little bummed I didn't take the deal. Belize is at the forefront of my travel list for the Americas, and the images below are proof that it just may jump up a few spots on your travel list, too.

The Animals

The toucan is Belize's national bird. An abundance of birds donning vivid colors await, in addition to other wildlife such as jaguars or tapirs.

Mayan Ruins

Parts of Belize were originally home to the Mayans. You can find Mayan ruins in Northern Belize (Cerros), Western Belize (Caracol), or in the Orange Walk District (Lamanai).

Belize Barrier Reef

Off the coast of Belize is the Belize Barrier Reef, the western hemisphere's largest reef system, and second largest reef system in the world (second to Australia's Great Barrier Reef).

Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is a large collapsed submarine sinkhole that lies within the Belize Barrier Reef. It is a cool sight to see, and some scuba dive in the hole for recreational purposes.

The Beaches

Is this paradise? Yes, most likely.

The Sunsets

Just as gorgeous at night as it is during the daytime.

Who’s ready to book a trip to Belize?!

You know it’s on my travel list!

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