3 Tips For Finishing 2016 Strong

3 Tips for finishing the year strong! Quick, actionable ways to accomplish your new years goals!

Can you believe 2017 is right around the corner?!

Not to freak you out :) but we're only a few weeks away from ringing in the new year.

#TimeToGetMyLifeTogether. ugh, haha. :)

Here are some quick goal setting tips for finishing 2016 strong and preparing for an incredible 2017. At the end of the post I reflect on how my 2016 goals have gone so far!

3 Tips for Finishing 2016 Strong

Rock climbing in WA state

Rock climbing in WA state

1. Congratulate yourself on all the things you've done this year

I know there can be moments where you think you aren't getting anywhere.

Look back to this time a year ago - you're probably a lot closer to your goals than you think!

Taking a moment to reflect on all the progress you've made can keep you motivated and inspired to continue moving forward.

Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France

2. Put in the work

The holiday season is a time for celebration.

With 5 1/2 weeks left of 2016, however, there's still plenty of time to make progress on whatever you're working toward.

Celebrate! But still set aside a little time to do whatever it is you're working on.

Don't lose that momentum!

3 Tips for finishing the year strong and going after those new years goals!

3. Remember your "why" when you feel like giving up

2016 has been a big year so far for me and that was because I was relentlessly working toward my goals, one of them being leaving my corporate job and moving to California.

Did I reach every single goal I wanted to in 2016?


Was I close to giving up?

Yeah, a few times...

...but I didn't.

I thought back to why I wanted to pursue these things, and why the hard work would be worth it.

So when you are going through a rough patch, and everything seems hard or like it will never happen, remember why you started and just.keep.going.

Think about how your life can be positively changed when you make it happen!

It'll be worth it, promise.

Go Seek Explore & how my 2016 goals have been going so far

Written 11/23/16:

As I'm sitting in the airport about to go on a short trip (after filming an upcoming YouTube video this morning and taking a quick ten minutes to pack), I want to say...

Thank you!

It's Thanksgiving week here in the US, and everyone is posting about the things they're thankful for around social media.

When I think about what I'm thankful for in terms of Go Seek Explore...

I'm thankful for YOU!

If you've sent or replied to an email, commented on an Instagram post, or updated me on your progress toward a work + travel lifestyle, please know that it means so much to me.

Being able to help others make actual progress on their travel goals feels pretty awesome, especially knowing that I "met" a lot of you more recently.

A year ago I was randomly keeping up with blog posts and Instagram, but I knew if I could just reach more people, I could hopefully, maybe, make a small impact on those looking to create a work + travel lifestyle. (That's why I created the free starter guide on working abroad!)

Because Go Seek Explore isn't just about me blabbering on about how I travel or my "top 10 travel tips" for you.

It's about the GSE community - a group of motivated action-takers who love to travel.

This is a movement toward ensuring travel and new experiences remain part of our lives.

It's about embracing the work + travel lifestyle - whether that means making progress on that next trip, landing that travel job, incorporating travel into your current schedule, or working remotely to have more flexibility to travel.

It's about pushing past any fear that's holding us back from accomplishing our biggest hopes and dreams.

Beijing, China

Beijing, China

Whenever you communicate back to me, it makes me feel like 1) this effort is worth it, and 2) we have some pretty awesome people here!

I'm coming up with some ideas on how to bring us together so you guys can "meet" each other online, share your travel tips & goals, and cheer on each other creating a work + travel lifestyle. Any ideas?

Let me know if you'd be interested in some sort of GSE/work + travel community! Comment or email me (hello@goseekexplore.com). Maybe a Facebook group...?!