This Guide Gives Book Recommendations Based On Where You Want To Travel

uk outdoor book sore Many of us begin the new year with goals or resolutions to do more of something, get more organized, take up a new hobby, or accomplish big dreams. One of my goals for 2015 is to "read at least one book a month." A simple goal like "read more" is exciting to get started on, but can get overwhelming with so many options.

The other day I had just finished a book on my Kindle and was looking for another book to read. The old site I used (Bookseer) isn't running anymore, so I searched for a similar site. I came across whatshouldireadnext, and its sister site, whereshouldireadnext.

With whereshouldireadnext, you click on a city from the map and it takes you to a list with books set in that city. You can then go from there to the book's Amazon link for more information.

book map

Basically, you get book recommendations based on where you want/like to travel. And as many readers know, getting lost in a book allows you to travel with the character in your mind. At the very least, it'll help curb your wanderlust until that next trip.