I'm going to China!

I'm going to China this summer and I'm THIS excited: The-Office dancing gif

What I'm anticipating the most:

New culture

Chinese dragon

It's going to be my first time in Asia and the third continent I'll step foot on. After living and traveling only in western countries (North America and Europe) I'm excited to do something a little more "different" and see how some people live on the other side of the Pacific.

The Food


While I enjoy Chinese food in America, I know it's nothing compared to the real deal. Peking duck, noodles, and jiaozi await, which I'm sure are going to beat out my neighborhood PF Changs any day.

The Great Wall

The Great Wall of China

How could you miss The Great Wall while in Beijing? It's another place I've read about in history textbooks over the years and will be so cool to see in person.


West_Lake Hangzhou

I mean, look at it.



That skyline. So excited to see this city!

Learning more before I go

Chinese new year

Since this will be a completely new experience for me I have plenty of research to do prior to departure - customs, language (at least a few phrases), how transportation works, etc.

Things I'm not so excited for...

Public restrooms: From what I hear, many of the public toilets in China are holes you squat over. Not to be high maintenance (haha) but that's definitely going to be interesting.

Smog: I love blue skies...and fresh air. I think this will take some getting used to as well, but hopefully won't be an issue!

Have you been to China? Please leave any advice in the comments (or email me)!