Cuba Tourism: Changes Ahead?



As an American, I've always known that traveling to Cuba was off-limits. With the Cold War history and lack of diplomatic relations, the only Americans I've known to have been were grandparents of friends who vacationed there way back in the day. I've only dreamed of visiting this country that has always been so close (330 miles from Miami) but so far away.

And that could change.

The Obama administration has recently been in works with Cuba to lessen sanctions, lift trade embargo, and consider allowing US citizens to enter the country.

With replenished diplomatic ties, Cuba has more opportunity for trade and resources. A surge of "Americanization" is highly likely to happen (think McDonald's eateries and chain hotels), in addition to a surge of American tourists (if borders open).

One of the biggest draws for visitors to Cuba is that it is seems as if it is stuck in a "time warp." Cubans drive 1950s vintage cars, WiFi is scarce or very expensive (an excuse to "unplug" from life back home), and there are no McDonald's. If Americans are allowed to visit Cuba, I can only imagine the race to see Cuba in its current state before it changes to something newer, more modern, and different. I, personally, would love to go as soon as possible!

Warm beaches, Latin American culture, amazing food, and a totally unique country await. I guess time will tell to see how this political situation unfolds, and how it will affect tourism thereafter.