7 European Destinations That Won't Break The Bank


The biggest excuse you'll hear from people that put off travel, especially when it comes to Europe, is that it's too expensive. But traveling doesn't have to be as expensive as you think. London is amazing (and expensive), and it will always be amazing (and...probably still expensive), so try expanding your travel ideas and get creative with where you go. These 7 European destinations will save you money and are sure to feed your wanderlust for the time being!

1. Greece

When people hear "Greece" they often think, Europe-so that's already expensive - and it's popular - and flights are expensive. However, Greece is actually among the more inexpensive European countries. Sure, there are certain parts that cost more than others, but you'll have plenty of options to choose from. With over 6,000 islands all boasting those famous Greek sunsets, you can't beat it!

2. Czech Republic


One word: Prague. But even beyond the bustling beautiful capital (quite possibly the most beautiful city in Europe, though it has plenty of competition), there are plenty of picturesque towns to head to. Beer is cheaper than water, which is already cheap to begin with, which in my book is reason enough to hit up the Czech Republic.

3. Turkey

Spice Market and Grand Bazaar

The bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey is a unique (and cheap) destination to add to your list. The currency is the Turkish lira, which means dollars and pounds go very far, especially with local food and accommodation. I was in Istanbul for four days and spent around $400, which included RT flights from Italy, hostel, food, ticket entrance fees, and a little shopping.

4. Croatia

Trogir, Croatia

The Croatian kuna is another currency where your money will stretch far. With amazing seafood and over 1,000 islands (party sailing!), Croatia is the up and coming European destination. Go sooner rather than later.

5. Portugal

One of the least expensive countries of Western Europe, Portugal offers so much to do, see, and explore. Often overlooked by its Spanish counterpart, Portugal is a great place to go for beaches, surfing, wine, and food, to name just a few.

6. Italy


After studying abroad in Italy and working there for a little while, I really didn't find it to be super expensive. Of course it isn't as cheap as some of the other places on this list, but in terms of food and general shopping Italy tends to be a little cheaper than other popular Western European destinations like France or the UK. Molto bene!

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7. Hungary

Buda Castle View

Hungary is another up and coming European destination, and even though it's farther east, it's still pretty easy to get to. With gorgeous architecture, a lot of history, and plenty of things to do (like going to the thermal baths), Hungary is sure not to disappoint!