10 Best Gift Ideas for Travelers

10 Best Gift Ideas For Travelers

Best Gift Ideas for Travelers! 10 gift ideas for those who travel and love to see the world. This list includes fun gifts to stoke their wanderlust, and practical gifts to make their life easier! / goseekexplore.com / #travelgifts #holidays

Whether you need gift ideas for travelers, are getting ahead on your holiday shopping, or have no idea what to get the person who is often traveling the world, look no further!

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10 of the Best Gift Ideas for Travelers this 2018 Holiday Season! / goseekexplore.com / #travelgifts #holidays

Here are 10 great gift ideas for the travelers in your life:

1. Bose Noise-cancelling headphones

When the adventurers in your life are constantly on trains, planes, subways, and other forms of public transport, noise-cancelling headphones are the best way to listen to music, podcasts, or simply get some quality sleep.

There are tons of reviews and comparisons out there, but most of them overwhelmingly recommend the Bose headphones.

2. A durable journal or planner they will actually use

Let’s be real: space in luggage is a commodity for travelers, and any old book or notebook often doesn’t make the cut.

For those who like to use a planner to keep up with work or their travel itinerary, or to simply journal and take notes, get them a planner or notebook they will actually use.

Passion Planner, Field Notes, and Moleskine all have high ratings (and are some of my personal favorites, too).

3. Scratch Map

For those who travel and have a home base, a scratch map makes returning home more exciting as it often means getting to scratch off a new visited country!

4. Desenio Travel-inspired Wall Art

Gold map poster    from Desenio

Gold map poster from Desenio

We love to travel the world, but we also love the feeling of being home and the comfort of our own bed.

Desenio makes beautiful wall art, and their travel-inspired maps and posters can be hung up or framed to invoke that feeling of wanderlust all year long, making a great gift for the traveler in your life!

5. PacSafe

A PacSafe is a portable safe. It’s easy to use, comes in varying sizes (including ones big enough to fit laptops - many hotel safes aren’t big enough), and is lightweight.

6. Camera, Work, or Blogging Equipment

If you have an avid traveler in your life, chances are they a) are serious about photography, or b) have a blog, youtube channel, or social media account they post quality content on regularly.

If they use a DSLR and you’re in the market for something on the expensive side, ask them if they are looking for a new lens or accessory.

You can’t go wrong with extra camera batteries or a memory card if they need it, or other camera accessories that are great for traveling like a portable tripod, gorilla pod (bendy tripod), bluetooth remote, or portable studio lighting.

Do they have all that? Maybe a polaroid camera is a fun - and less expensive - way to make memories, and is different than using a phone or DSLR!

This can quickly add up price-wise, so be sure to know exactly what they want and check sites like Amazon and Best Buy to find the best deal!

7. Away Luggage

Away luggage is affordable yet extremely durable and also includes a USB charger for your phone!

My favorite luggage brand by FAR is Away. Getting their carry-on bag two years ago has been an absolute game changer for traveling. That lil’ guy has been with me to Asia, Australia, New York, Mexico, and many more places and has still held up!

If you’re looking for a smaller item, Away also makes packing cubes, bags, and backpacks.

You can also look at their other travel accessories like luggage tags or monogram stickers to use as stocking stuffers.

8. Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

I don’t mean to throw around the phrase “game changer” this many times in one post, but seriously, the Kindle Paperwhite is a huge game changer travelers who love to read.

I still buy both digital books and hard copy books, but it is much easier and more convenient to travel with an e-reader.

It’s lightweight, holds thousands of books, and holds a charge for an entire month.

9. PureSteam Travel Sized Steamer

No matter how much you try to prevent wrinkling when you pack your clothes, it almost always tends to happen anyways.

Not all hotels or Airbnbs have an iron and to be honest, whipping out this little steamer is faster and much less of a hassle than setting up an ironing board.

Getting the traveler a steamer will help them keep their clothes looking fresh and wrinkle free!

10. Best gift card ideas for travelers

You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Here are some common gift card ideas that are great for travelers too:

  • Amazon gift card- you can’t go wrong

  • Uber gift card- available in 400+ cities worldwide

  • Airbnb gift card

  • Target gift card - perfect for all those last-minute needs before a trip, or replenishing groceries and house items when they come home

Happy holidays, I hope you found this helpful!

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