10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Major Travel Inspiration


One of the best ways to feed your wanderlust is through inspiration from travelers, whether it's through photos, videos, blogs, or books. My favorite quick fix/"temporary cure" to travel cravings is to scroll through my Instagram feed. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite accounts to scroll through - I definitely recommend you give them a follow!

1. @travelplusstyle

Absolutely stunning photos - this is the Instagram account of a luxury travel website. You'll want to scroll through and daydream of all these places.


2. @dametraveler

This account inspires female travel abroad and the photos make you wish you were the subject of the picture! That may be enough to book that flight.


3. @craighowes

Craig is a photographer from South Africa, and I found his account through photos of his reposted on the @SouthAfrica Instagram account. His photos are AMAZING and make my itch for going to South Africa even stronger.


4. @greaseandglamour

I found @greaseandglamour through her Florence article on The Huffington Post - and I'm so glad I did! Jinna's photos are incredible, and her captions are filled with inspirational messages.


5. @theclassycloud

Ji is a Lufthansa flight attendant based in Munich and travels all over the world. Her photos are stunning and will probably make you consider a career as a flight attendant (I mean, I know I looked into it...)


6. @worldwanderlust

How could I not include World of Wanderlust on this list?! I've been following Brooke's travels since earlier this year as she makes her way around the world solo. Her Instagram feed is a must-follow for travel inspiration.


7. @stephbetravel

Stephanie is a full-time travel writer and is behind the site Travel Break, one of my favorite travel blogs! Her Instagram feed will definitely make you want to get out of town and head somewhere new.


8. @myspacetom

I've already dedicated a whole post to the Instagram feed by Tom from MySpace. Since the MySpace creator sold it for billions of dollars, he's been traveling around the world and taking beyond incredible photos since. And he often includes smiley faces with a nose in his captions. :-)

Read the post here: MySpace Tom Has The Coolest Travel Instagram


9. @charissa_fay

Charissa is a travel lifestyle photographer. Based in New York, her photos of the city will have you wanting to plan a trip there ASAP!


10. @jonesaroundtheworld

I've met Dave previously (we used to work for the same company in Europe at different times) and he's currently backpacking around the world - definitely check out his Instagram (and blog) for stunning photos of Southeast Asia, sunsets, beaches, and all things travel.



Okay, I'm shameless self promoting right now... :) if you've made it to the end of the list, nice job! Whether I'm currently traveling or in-between trips, I love to look through my archives of photos and post the ones that make me nostalgic and ready to go on the next adventure.